I’m guessing it is customary to introduce yourself first. You already know that my Beagle is not me (that really cleared things up, huh?). But there’s more to me than not being a Beagle (I hope, anyway).

I am a geek girl, a scientist, a writer, a wife, a survivor and quite a few other labels probably. Did that help? Well, I can explain it a little.

Being a geek girl (1): I have more comic book subscriptions than my husband (even though he still wins, having drawn comics professionally for a while). I adore the Whedonverse (minus Dollhouse). It will always be too soon for Wash-at-you-know -that-moment cosplay. You don’t know which moment? Spoilers, Sweetie! The Doctor gets me through many dark moments and days when nothing but my couch works for me. And Pizza Dog of course. Pizza Dog and Team Hawkguy.

Being a geek girl (2): Also defines things I’m not. I’m not outgoing. You will not find me in a night-club. Like ever. But you’ll find me unfazed by giving a presentation in front of a few hundred people. I’m not sportsy. I will refrain from telling you details about the hell that was PE in school. But I would most likely be able to save you should you be drowning. Or ride you down with a horse if necessary. And if you have little experience in sword fighting I might win that brawl.

Being a scientist: I save the world one algorithm at a time. Or possibly I don’t make a difference at all. But I like to pretend that my day-job has at least some positive influence on the world. Also, no, we’re neither Stark Industries nor did/will we accidentally create the Hulk.

Being a writer: I don’t know how not to be a writer. It doesn’t even matter whether I’m a good writer or a bad writer, I just cannot stop writing. It is my whole soul and purpose of existence (and I know how cheesy that sounds). My native language is not English, though, so it’s unlikely I’ll post any stories on here.

Being a wife: Marriage sounds like such a grown-up thing. Hahahaha. Nope. Sorry. Marriage didn’t help. Still just me.

Being a survivor: I wear an Ankh necklace at all times. A symbol for both life and death. Or Death, actually (you remember that lovely little girl, Dream’s sister?). Because yes, I survived. But ever since I carry death with me. And I’m not particularly brave. Carrying death with me is a heavy burden. Carrying Death’s symbol around my neck lightens the load.

I won’t say you know all that there is to know about me now but at least you have more of an idea than before you read this. That’s something, right?



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