Easter tradition


A traditional Easter activity for me is baking. Actually, it might be the only traditional Easter activity I have. We do color eggs, but usually eat them all well before Easter. Same with the chocolate bunnies. Listing the things we do, it seems to me we’re more into the pagan spring festival thing here anyway so I’m guessing it’s not big problem that we don’t have Easter traditions.

Anyway, baking. You have to know that I’m not cooking. Like ever. For several reasons. It’s not that I can’t cook. You can pretty much eat what I cook and you might even like it. But I don’t enjoy cooking. Whilst my husband does. He is a great cook, too. And he does the dishes. Yes, he’s great like that. Now if he could only remember to close the fridge-door. But that’s a topic for a different post.

Anyway, baking is different. For a lack of better description, it’s my Gaia-experience. I know the Gaia-experience is supposed to be that I can give birth, which links me back to all the women come before me but I personally suspect that that is just something people make up to have women find some sense in the pain and damage to their bodies that comes with child-birth. Before y’all jump on me now, I understand the Darwinian link. Mammals and giving birth, we have something in common. Yay. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

When I’m baking, when I have both hands in some half-finished sticky dough, when the chemistry-magic happens that suddenly gives the dough the right consistency, I can feel all the women who have done this exact same thing before me. Who have worried about their dough being too wet or too dry or too sticky or falling apart when baking. I feel a cultural link to all the women ever since humans discovered that wheat is much funner when you grind it into meal and bake it. Nothing much has changed in the past few hundred years in terms of how to make bread – or Skorpor.

Because I’m baking Swedish stuff. From my very favorite Swedish baking book. Which is pretty much the only baking book I own. But it has everything in it that I need from Skorpor to Drömmar to Kung Oscars Tårta. BTW baking ingredients and recipes are also the only Swedish vocabulary that I’m really good with. Because no, I’m not Swedish. Even though my Granddad lived in Sweden for a while. Which was probably kind of cool for him, because he had five small children at home and in Sweden he was pretty much living the single life again, only much better because his job there allowed him to pretty much live in a luxury hotel forever. I never met my Grandma so I have no idea what she had to say about the topic. But I can think of a few choice words.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my Easter tradition and I did and I need to go eat those Skorpor now.

Happy Easter y’all!


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