Fangirling & Social Media

I am and always have been a fangirl. Yes. You heard right. Out of my own free will, I admit to it. I am a fangirl.

It brightens my days to get lost in a story, especially on those very dark days, when it seems that all hope is forsaken. So anyone who can make me feel that, anyone who’s stories can touch my heart when nothing else can, will be adored. (Adored, not stalked! Just to make that clear.)

So, when I finally could afford tickets to a wrestling event in my country (expensive as all shit), I was just in awe that I was breathing the same air as the Undertaker.

When my husband and I went to the Dr Who 50th Anniversary Celebration in London it was the most surreal experience to touch the costumes David Tennant had worn. (And no I didn’t steal any ties!)

David Tennant's costumes
he is unbelievably thin, too

I wrote my first fanfiction story when I was 16 and I’m still writing one every so often because it’s fun and I love the community over on I’m an avid crafter and have a whole collection of knitted, crocheted and sewn garments for my different fandoms. (On an average winter day, I’m an assortment of at least the following fandoms: Death-necklace (Sandman), Kaylee-bag (Firefly), 8th Doctor or Gallifreyan scarf (Dr. Who) and Captain Marvel gloves (Captain Marvel, obviously). Oh, and my 8-bit bowtie hairslide (non-specific nerdiness))

All of this is very fun Web 1.0 fangirling. But as awesome as it is, it is not as mind-boggling as Web 2.0 fangirling.

Web 2.0 fangirling rules! Examples?

A short while ago, Kelly Sue DeConnick re-blogged a picture of the Captain Marvel gloves and my mind was about blown (Carol Corps forever!).

Carol Corps!
Captain Sparklefists

And today, Neil Gaiman answered a question of mine on Twitter and I had to jump up and down the room a few times just to calm myself down (also, it is now a priority in our budgeting to get tickets to his show since he said he’ll be coming in travelable range this year). I also really had to write this blog.

I know the excitement makes no logical sense whatsoever. But the joy, oh the joy!

There’s nothing that quite compares in terms of little happy surprises on random days.

We live in a truly marvelous age.

That said, I’ll now go back to my corner to be a bit embarrassed that I shared all of this with y’all.


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