Random Top 5 lists

I think it’s time for another round of Top 5 lists because it’s been awfully long since I last did that. As usual, it will be very random.

Top 5 TV Shows, still running, currently watching

  1. How to Get Away With Murder
  2. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  3. Supernatural
  4. Grey’s Anatomy
  5. Marvel’s Agents of Shield

So even though Dr. Who got that much better in its current season, it still didn’t make the cut. Sorry about that. But yay for Supernatural recovering!

Top 5 male slash couples

  1. Destiel/DeanCas: Dean Winchester / Castiel (Supernatural)
  2. Captain Jack Harkness / Ianto Jones (Torchwood)
  3. Stucky: Steve Rogers / Bucky Barnes (Avengers / Captain America)
  4. Coliver: Connor Walsh / Oliver Hampton (How to Get Away With Murder)
  5. Lito Rodriguez / Hernando (Sense 8)

OMG, 3 out of 5 are canon! The world is changing!

Top 5 internet based series

  1. Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (a modern classic)
  2. The Guild (Felicia Day)
  3. Lonelygirl15 (reasons)
  4. ConMan (proud crowd funder)
  5. Caper (Geek & Sundry!)

Also, Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. It just didn’t fit into the top 5 because it’s not fiction.

Top 5 anything with David Tennant in it

  1. Dr. Who (Ten!)
  2. Much Ado About Nothing (Digital Theatre)
  3. Broadchurch (dark)
  4. Single Father (heart-breaking)
  5. Casanova (sweet)

Top 5 English songs on my DeanCas playlist

  1. Carry on, Kansas (duh)
  2. Angeles, Jensen Ackles (reasons)
  3. Seasons of Love, Rent (starts crying)
  4. Like real People Do, Hozier (do it, kiss like real people do!)
  5. Es könnt ein Anfang sein, Rosenstolz (it could be a beginning)

Top 5 songs on my Geek Playlist

  1. Cats and Netflix, The Doubleclicks
  2. G33K & G4M3R Girls, Team Unicorn
  3. I’m the One Who’s Cool, The Guild
  4. Vanilla (I’m not Sexy), Marian Call
  5. Gamer Girl, Country Boy, Felicia Day

And that’s it for now! If there’s any Top 5 Lists you’re interested in, let me know (not that I think anyone is actually interested in my Top 5 Lists, lol).


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