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I’m proud of you

I’m proud of you.

Sometimes, you’re not someone’s first choice to say these words.

You’re not the person they really want to hear it from.

It doesn’t matter.

Tell them anyway.

Especially now, at Christmas, which for so many of us is the annual festival of hiding ourselves.

Of smiling for family who don’t even want to know who we truly are.

Who’d rather live with a lie than see us happy.


So I might not be the person you want to hear this from but I’m telling you:

I’m proud of you.

For everything you achieved this year.

For the fact that you’re still around.

For every minute that you were able to be yourself.

I’m proud of you, my friend.


Mirror Mirror

People keep saying: No one promised you that life was going to be easy. Just live with the fact that life is hard. Just live with the fact that people are mean. Just live with it, you weren’t promised anything better. But you know what? Not okay.

Because we should have been treated better. We shouldn’t have had to deal with the shit that happened. Or at the very least, we should have been given a magic mirror at birth. So that now when someone hated on us or old scars started hurting, we could go look in the mirror and the mirror would say you are beautiful.

Not because we need a mirror to stroke our vanity. But because you are beautiful means you have value. You have worth. It is intrinsic to you and no one can take it away. We should have gotten a magic mirror to remind us of that. We should have.